What You Need to Know About the Dutch Language

Dutch translation service

Dutch translation service

When it comes to hiring a Dutch translation service, you need to have some idea of the background of the customers you will be working with. The whole point of hiring a translator is so that you can reach the Dutch market and expand your client base. It’s important to do your research however and make sure that you hire a reputable company to translate your documents for you. There are thousands of companies, but not all of them provide high-quality documentation.  It’s important to make sure that they are qualified to translate English to Dutch and also translate Dutch to English.

Is Hiring a Translator Necessary?

I can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a translator if your business goal is to reach new customers in other countries. Communication is key, and your clients are going to want to communicate in their languages without hindrance. This is the job for a translator, not just someone who is bilingual. You want someone with the proper expertise to go in and prepare you a document that will not only wow your customers but the competition as well. You can use them for all your marketing materials as well.

Some Facts About the Dutch Language

Many of the words in the Dutch language are borrow from other languages. There are many connections between Dutch and a few other dialects. When it came to elegance French was always in the top of their game in regards to Dutch. This fact leads the Dutch to borrow certain words and use it within their language. Terms such as umbrella (paraplu) and wrist watch (horloge) are all borrowed from the French.

The Dutch Language and All It’s Words

If you listen to Dutch, you will find it to be a unusual language. It can sound rather odd to an English speaker.

If you have ever tried to learn Dutch, you will discover that it’s a language that can be hard to pronounce. The language has hard consonant sounds that can make you feel like you are barking out the words. Imagine trying to pronounce the word Scheveningen and you will know what I’m talking about. It’s close to what it’s like to learn the German language to a tee.

Translators have their hands full when they translate from Dutch to English as the words in Dutch are very long. If you want an example of such a thing, try translating out English term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and you will come across, chronischevermoeidheidssyndroom. Now that’s quite a mouthful indeed. We, as English speakers use so little words and letters but the Dutch will use one long enormous word to do the job. Keep that in mind when you are hiring Dutch translation services.

But despite the certain oddities surrounding the language, it’s one of the most interesting languages out there. In turn, when it comes to meeting new Dutch customers you will be overjoyed when you do so.


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